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The world is facing a health crisis but it is also facing an economic one. Small businesses around the country are struggling to make ends meet. Although customers have disappeared, bills and wages have not. With the governments advice on social distancing it makes it extremely hard (if not impossible) for businesses to function as normal but we are already seeing some ingenious, innovative ways in which they can still offer you a great service in the interim.

We've put together a short list of ways in which you can help support your local bar, pub, restaurant, hotel, bed and breakfast or community in general but would love to your hear your ideas or if you own a local business and would like to let your customers know what you are doing during the coronavirus outbreak, feel free to leave a comment.

1. ORDER A TAKE AWAY While some local pubs and restaurants have opted to close their doors to weather the outbreak, a number are still open for takeout and delivery, even ones that don't typically offer this service. If you have a steady source of income during this time, it might be worth taking the night off from cooking to support business owners in your area. For more information on what food is being made available from your favourite local bar, pub, restaurant, visit their website or give them a call. And yes, we have seen that some are even offering take away alcohol (phew!)

2. BUY A GIFT VOCUHER This outbreak will end, so keep thinking of regular life and give your future self a gift to spend at your local restaurant, bed and breakfast, hotel, salon, barbershop, tattoo parlour! If you have to cancel your booking, this is a great way to help with cash flow in uncertain times.

3. DON'T CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP Many of us are having to spend a lot more time in the house which can get a bit boring. However, we have seen several local fitness groups offering to livestream classes during the time when gathering is groups is a risk. Get in touch with your group and see if this is something they are offering before pulling the plug on your membership.

4. USE ONLINE STORES Supporting restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops, cafés, bakeries, and other small businesses in the hospitality world goes far beyond eating and drinking. Many of these places also have fantastic merchandise (clothing, beer and coffee mugs, cutlery) and now’s the time to get shopping. If you have a friend or family members birthday coming up, why not treat them to a gift from your favourite local business. (Of course a food hamper would also make a great gift).


A quick, easy way to support eateries and accommodation providers right now—without spending any money; is by writing positive reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook. Not only does this give local businesses a moral lift, it can also have a longer-lasting impact. When restaurants do re-open and business inevitably picks up, a log of positive reviews can only help attract more customers.


So there we have it, five ways in which you can help support your local businesses during this challenging time. Keep well and keep safe. *To all the restaurants and pubs out there, keep your chin up; when this all blows over.....WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!


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